58 Days

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The hero is the reality of loser, work was suppressed by superiors, resulting in abnormal psychology. The use of means of the three sisters held in the chamber of secrets, regular on-site lovemaking and provide food and drink, The name 58 days is their 58 day experience, according to the timeline to tell what happened to Day1, what happened to Day2. The three sisters are different in character and react differently to the abnormal male, The rebellion and obedience, but, in 58 days, have become completely XING slave even Former friends become enemies with each other. This movie is very tangled, though they are popping pictures, but very deliberately depicting human psychology. In addition to clap calls when the movie music is also gloomy, growled when shooting. The rest of the plot is different, but the type is similar, providing only “58 days” to eat Jet Li, and the rest of the self search

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Genre: Drama, Thriller
Durasi: 103 Min

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